luni, 24 decembrie 2012

Miracles may come wrapped as Christmas presents

A white shadow came...

In the middle of an endless desert
I was trying to stand, gazing
to the horizon,
looking for the miracle of
a brim of a light.

Dark shadows and ash clouds
were burning my skin,
turning my eyes into stormy seas
and, a hopeless beggar,
my soul was praying for deliverance.

The blinding far-away sun rays
were sullying my sight and
I couldn't see the pharaoh's fortune
laying at my feet.

The shadow raised my eyes
to the light of the Universe
and the full half of the glass
offered me with a smile.

All the gold and gems
sometimes seem cheaper
than a gentle caress.

Unexpected good things
can happen even if
the Earth stopped spinning.

A shadow can be
larger than life.

Miracles may come
wrapped as Christmas presents.

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